T’was The Night Before Showtime

My life since about 9pm last night has felt like my stockings: a run-down, to’ up mess.

Today, I was very thankful for my long-sleeved shirt; it covered the very visible scratches on my wrists… stark reminders of last night’s events. There wasn’t much that could be done about the scrapes on my hands, but thankfully, no one pays attention.

Last night was eventful, but not in a desirable way. It involved being out in the cold for hours, blood (literally), and 4 hours of sleep before work. I thank God that scheduling was merciful to me and I only had 3 flights to work; the fatigue made me emotional. Anytime you nearly cry over ripped stockings, quit while and if you can.

All we were supposed to do was get some odds and ends so A (my bestie) could cook Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. After her shift, we planned to: drive to the Walmart that’s open 24 hours, get what we needed, and drive back in plenty of time for me to be able to rest before work, and for her to maybe start baking pies and crash. This is ALL that was supposed to happen.

This is what really happened:

Coming back from Walmart (which had no pie crust), the car started riding strangely and we smelled burning rubber. To our annoyance and dismay, one of the tires was flat… and it decided to go flat on a dark road where it was hard to find a place to pull to the side. There were a couple of houses around and (thankfully) a street light, but there was mostly woods.

Great. Wonderful.

She calls Triple A, who decides to inform her that they weren’t coming out. She had used all of her calls, and they needed money she didn’t have to come out and be of assistance.

Even more wonderful. and it kept getting better.

So then… since I have plenty of experience changing tires because of how many flats I’ve had with my last car, I try to help. While laying on the ground in the dark, I fiddled with the jack from the back of the trunk in an attempt to find proper placement to lift the car. I managed to get the wheel off the ground, and the jack decided to fall and drop the wheel back on the ground. I made another attempt, then quit from frustration and fatigue. Never mix being tired with being determined; the results might be stupid, and efforts will be futile.

We can now cue the blood. I noticed it on the one hand at first, but wasn’t able to see all of the other cuts in the dark. I didn’t receive the pleasure of discovering those until there was suitable lighting available.

Two random gentlemen, two police officers and a relative later, about 2 hours had slipped by. In that time, we managed to: get the car jacked up, remove the nuts, struggle hard with the wheel because it wouldn’t come off the car, and drive to a gas station to put air in the spare tire.

After all of that effort… we STILL couldn’t go anywhere. Why, you might ask?

because within this time, the car battery considered this the opportune time to die. When an attempt was made to jump the car, the end result was melted jumper cables and smoke… and the car still didn’t start. I’ve never seen jumper cables melt, and I pray to never see it again. It was at this time that a line was drawn, and we called it quits until morning.

I jumped in the driver’s seat in my friend’s dad’s car, and drove myself home rather than try to explain to people how to get me home. From our location, getting to my house would normally take 15-20 minutes. I was pulling into my driveway in 13.

Somehow, I managed to get 4 hours of sleep. I got to the airport much later than I wanted to, ran through the airport to clock in on time, and struggled with putting my bag away. I’ve never had that problem. It actually ended up being stuck at our final destination, and I had to get help to extract it from where it was stowed. This is the first time this happened, and it would happen today. Of all days.

I got coffee even though I shouldn’t have; it makes me jittery. The end result is akin to a small child on a sugar high. I tend to get dropsies when I’m that jittery, and boy did I have it bad! It also didn’t agree with me to have coffee that early, so my stomach was rumbling in the worst way. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I got a very large and visible run in my stockings, and a big hole in the back near the butt which I discovered later. AND… because I decided to wash all of my stockings, I had no other pairs.

yep… it was such a wonderful day. right now, I’m so grateful to be in the hotel where I can get some sleep! I won’t have much food, but I shan’t complain. I’ll sip some tea, take a nice warm bath, and call it a night. I hope y’all have a better Thanksgiving than I did.

Just don’t tell my mom all of this; she just might kill me for trying to be a mechanic in the dark. I know I’m 31, but it makes no difference to her.

Sky Girl Life

I sat demurely in the backseat of a black Mercedes SUV on my way to work, looking out at the dark 4am sky.

I can’t deny that it made me feel like something special. This was my first time using Uber, and I saw that there was a black car option, so I chose it. I thought maybe black car was the only option they had. Since I didn’t have a ride available to get me to work on time, I opted to call one in. I felt like a dignitary or a princess. The only thing missing was a partition. I sat in the back, feeling like the lady I was. Yep, I could live like this.

Then I saw how much it cost. It was WAY more than what I spent for a Lyft. Yep Rach, you aren’t a baller. Well, you live and you learn. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I want to feel fancy… and by want to, I mean when I can afford it.

No one is up this early besides me. People get to come onto a flight early in the morning, shuffle to their seats and sleep. Me? I envy them. I am already standing there–with flawless lipstick and freshly done hair–smiling and greeting them as they look at me bleary-eyed.

That particular day, I had a few legs. I commuted to another airport to start my trip, then I went on to 4 other destinations.

What’s bad is that I remember the trips, but not the days that I actually did them. A man asked me how I can keep track of what city I’m in. I told him that I have no problem doing so; however, I can’t manage to remember what day it is at any given time. I suppose the trade-off for remembering where you are is not remembering what day you were there.

I’m starting to get my “sea legs”, more or less. I did almost fall down on a flight when we hit a bump of turbulence. Thank God I was around kindly passengers that put their hands out to steady me. I managed to proceed quickly to my seat after this. I haven’t fallen on anyone yet, but maybe it’s just because I haven’t flown enough.

Being tired is my biggest issue. When I get home, I’m drained physically and emotionally. Getting up early for your on-call does catch up to you, especially if they do call you and give you 5 legs in one day. Even if a rest day is thrown into the trip, falling asleep can be difficult, even if you really want to and need to.

It’s kind of crazy… but I kind of love it. I’m well suited for a job that is ever changing, and this is that job. I get concerned about how it will affect my social life and friendships outside of work, but it seems to be working out so far. Thank God I have friends that understand when I don’t want to go out because I’m tired.

I’m on my last day of rest, which will likely be spent gathering food and other necessities that I’ll need for my next trip. I had 3 days, but 1-1/2 of them were spent in bed resting. Sometimes I wish I had just one more day, but when I get that call, I’ll be ready for the next trip.


It is now 5:06 am. Daylight savings time has ended.

One year when daylight savings time ended, I remember clock-watching on my phone. I wanted to see what happened when the time changed.

Now I’m in another such position to be awake at this time, but under entirely different circumstances. I don’t recall trying so hard to remain up in my life. Please excuse me if these ramblings make no sense.

The alarm on my phone went off at 1am, telling me that it was time to open my eyes and forego getting that bit of sleep that almost had me. It’s just as well; I wasn’t sleeping anyway. It was vanity to attempt to reset my body clock so that I could have some semblance of rest before that cursed alarm went off. Now here I am after 5am trying hard not to drift off.

The hum of my ceiling fan, which used to sound melodic, now seems far too loud. The pressure in the room is crowding my ears and my face is droopy. I can feel the bags under my eyes pulling my face down.

I question my sanity: why am I doing this to myself? Why couldn’t I be drawn to a normal profession… one that doesn’t involve me staring blankly at a computer screen & randomly doing squats in a feeble attempt to stave off sleep in the wee hours of the morning?

I could nap, but I know I’m a heavy sleeper… and if I fall asleep, I just might miss that call. For flight attendants on reserve, the call is everything.

and now, I’m happy to say that as I was typing this, I got that call. I thank the Lord that I live close to my base, and that show time is far enough away for me to sneak a nap in.

for now, this is life. It’ll be what it is, and I pray to survive it.

The Start of Something New

There is a scripture in the bible that reads “we were as those that dream.”

This is a job that I’ve applied to on and off over a few years, but nothing ever came of it. This time around, not only was there an actual response, I received a job offer, went to training, and managed to successfully pass my class training.

After about 2 days at home, Monday was my first day doing on-the-job training. It all felt surreal. Even now, it still doesn’t feel real. But oh, it’s very real. I’ve visited a few cities in a matter of 4 days, and spent the majority of my non-work time in Rochester, NY. I had my head in the clouds, got frustrated, scared and was a little unsure of myself. I questioned whether or not I was suited for this position.

Then something happened. It’s tough to explain, but on that last day, everything clicked. I got ready for show time, and decided to wear red lipstick. Just like my red Tahari shoes, the red lipstick did something for my confidence. I did forget a thing or two, but it all ran smoothly. I was confident, sure of myself, and had all of the main things together. I even managed to show improvement on the part that I struggled with most.

Once my trip was officially done, I was elated. Mostly because I was getting rather tired, but also because my training was over, and my instructor said that I was wonderful. On my sheet, I got to see what he wrote, and I saw these words: Rachel was outstanding. That meant everything to me, especially since I was feeling doubtful at times.

It’s now official. I’m still a little scared, but I’m just going to read over my materials, and reach out to those more experienced than me. It’s the surest way for me to get better and gain the confidence that I need. I can also be assured that I now have a job that will make me happy and afford me the opportunity to travel.

I posted a picture of myself in uniform on Facebook and got so much love and support from those around me. Even though I’m still quite new, I at least feel comfortable enough to tell people what I do. It’s also a blessing to, for once, be proud to tell people where I work and what I do.

What am I?

I’m a flight attendant, and I’m so happy to find a job that finally makes me happy.

Loved ones and neighbors, people I go to church with, former coworkers and friends have been supportive and encouraging. I was surprised to find out how many people have wanted to do what I do and that have even applied for the profession. I owe it to them and to myself to press on. Even on the days when I feel a little unsure, I’m still going for it. At this moment in my life, knowing the things that I enjoy and how well this job fits my personality, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Having said that, I’m also happy this seems to be working out because now my blogs will get more interesting. Lord knows where I’ll be posting from! For right now, though, I’ll be posting from home until my next trip. What’s hilarious is that I’ve been in hotels for so long, I almost thought I was in one this morning when I woke up. I made myself wake up from my daze just to ensure that I was, in fact, home. I think this job will make being home even sweeter.

That first day, my back hurt from trying to stay balanced, I felt like I was bouncing when I was lying still in bed, and I was too fatigued to remember whether or not I showered (I did). Despite all this, my head was still in the clouds (no pun intended. Okay… maybe a little bit). I hope I never come out of this dream phase that I’m in.

New Job, New Adventures

I had reached a certain point in August where I was just frustrated and tired. I remember that day very well. It was a Thursday, actually.

I cried on my way to my current job because I was tired. It’s a decent position as long as it’s a temporary fix; however, I was having that moment when it felt like I was stuck there. I applied for job after job only to come up with nothing, and the most current position that I really wanted had yet to get back to me. I was certain that it was the job for me, but not hearing anything back was too much.

I followed up with them again, making sure they had my current contact information, though I knew I had already sent it after the info session that was held about the job. Thankfully, they got back to me. At the beginning of September (right on the 1st) is when things really began to look up. At the in-person interview, I was offered this new job. It became official 2 weeks later after the background check and drug test cleared.

At my church, even though I’m not Jewish, we observe and recognize the Jewish New Year. How fortuitous that this life transition would take place at that time? Maybe I or no one else planned it, but I know God did.

Having said that, this new job may involve a move to another state. I’ve never lived on my own. Even when I was down in Florida interning and away from home, I still had roommates. This will be something entirely different. Even if I was still at home, said job requires a lot of traveling.

Am I nervous? Of course I am… but part of it is excited energy. Not only am I starting a new (and better paying) job, this is the cusp of a new leg on my life journey. I can’t say where it will lead me, but at least I know one thing is involved that will make me very happy: lots and lots of travel.

The best part of all of this is the love and support that I received upon telling people. Even my boss was very excited for me when I told him what I would be doing. He’s even asked questions about the position here and there up until my last day, which was yesterday. (No, I didn’t cry on my last day. I know, I’m surprised too!) In addition, people have given various gifts, checks, and words of encouragement. My pastors even took time during the service to make sure they prayed for me. Everyone that was part of that prayer had a word of encouragement; I felt so loved that I nearly did cry… but I held it together (by a thread).

Training for this new position starts next week, but I’m certain that this won’t be the only change on the horizon. So cheers to a new job, and the beginning of an epic adventure. Now, my life begins.

From Bad to Worse

Let me post a different kind of recipe today. In case you were wondering, here are all of the ingredients that, when put together, create one of the worst days a person could have. Each piece on its own doesn’t do much harm; however, when all parties collide together, it creates the perfect conditions for a really bad day.

  1. Wake up not being able to find your glasses. Spend a good 20 minutes trying to find them because you can’t see. Make sure to do this so that you have to run to the bus stop.
  2. While running to the bus stop, get there just in time to watch the bus fly past you. Try to run after it, but when you don’t catch it, throw down your purse and make a scene. Expletives are encouraged (then graciously accept a ride to work from a stranger that felt sorry for you).
  3. Cut yourself at work. Make it a good one, too! Do it so well that you bleed through your first band-aid and need to change it for another. Bonus points if you still see the skin you peeled up on the implement that cut you (it weirded me out).
  4. Have 2 people in a row (that speak softly) tell you that they got the wrong food even though you read the order back… after they actually get the food.
  5. Be on the struggle bus during the lunch rush because there aren’t enough people working.
  6. Pour lemonade into the dispense while the lid is still on. Bonus points if some of it goes into your pants. No, not on them.
  7. End up taking a big order that you have to ring and make yourself… because there’s no one to make it for you. and no one told you this. Rush around like a crazy person because you feel bad that people had to wait longer than necessary.
  8. Hobble to the bus stop because your body is done.

Dump all of these ingredients together, and you will have possibly the most annoying day ever. Thankfully, you were still able to laugh here and there. The best part, though, is getting to come home and take a bath. Soaking in a bubble bath is an act of therapy; the warmth of the water combined with sudsy water work together to release a tranquil state of mind… one you wish that you had had earlier in the day.

The one good thing I can say about bad days is that they do end. As I sink down into my bubble bath, I remember this. As the warm bath water embraces my aching body, and the sound of music unites with the air above me, I begin to unwind.

finally. tranquility is mine.

Food For Celebrating

This weekend in food for Miss Ray was crazy! Friday and Saturday were really good food days.

Friday was a great food evening. A friend and I went out, and we were in the mood for Riesling. After taking some things to her house and checking in with her mom, we were out for the night. After much debate, we decided to go to the movies.

Since we had an hour to kill before the movie started and we live close to the theater, we made one stop to pick up the wine, and another stop to hit up La Na, our favourite Thai food place. While waiting for the food to cook, we requested glasses to start in on that delightful bottle of wine. Once the food was ready, we were about 1/3 of the way through. I was already giggling.

We rode to the theater with a good 2o minutes to spare. We ate and finished off that bottle together, and life was good. Interesting factoid: Riesling apparently goes well with Asian cuisine! After trying it myself, I agree with this assessment. I tell you, there’s nothing better than take out and movies, even if you go to the theater to see said movie.

I didn’t get home until 12:30 am that night, but my food adventures merged into the next day.

One of my friends is celebrating her birthday today, but the girls and I went out with her yesterday for brunch. C planned everything, and picked out the place. I’ve never visited this restaurant, so I was excited. I like going to a restaurant I’ve never visited that someone else has discovered. I’m used to being the one to expose people to new eateries; it was nice to be introduced this time. I didn’t look up info on the place before going, and I’m glad that I didn’t. The first impression is more raw and real if you know nothing beforehand. In fact, it was the first time any of us were eating there.

The location was in Northern Liberties, which I didn’t know much about. We got there at around 3ish, and had to walk a couple of blocks to the restaurant from where we parked. There was an outdoor deck adorned with Christmas type lights for seating, but we sat inside because of the rain. There were dark wood finished floors throughout the space, and dark wooden beams on the ceiling. We were seated in less than 5 minutes since there weren’t many guests at that time.

Everything on the menu looked appetizing; there are things that I want to try on my next visit. Now that I know where this place is (as well as other places that looked good), I’ll have to come back. There were a few versions of eggs benedict on the menu, but the one I ordered was the crab cake benny.


We also ordered an apple streusel flatbread that tasted like an apple pie with nuts. It had pecans on it, and I liked the additional crunch and flavor of the pecans.

After brunch, we hit up Cold Stone Creamery to spend a little more time together. The weather may have been bad, but we were all in good spirits, and the birthday girl enjoyed herself. This is all that matters.

It was a great weekend with great food; now that’s living the dream! Normally, I don’t eat out that much, nor do I aspire to. However, I enjoyed everything that I ate this weekend. Truly enjoyed it. I also enjoyed those with whom I was eating, which I’m sure made the food taste even better. Does anyone relate to that?

Now it’s Sunday, and my only souvenirs from this weekend are: good memories, some food pictures, and leftover drunken noodles from Friday night. I’m sure I’ll eat that this evening and watch a movie, which is the best way to enjoy Asian take out.

Hope you all had a good weekend, and enjoy your week! Live life and eat well… and please do so with good company!