Daily Prompt: Upturned Noses

The things that I’m snobbish about? *laughs* Do you have the time?

The main thing that I’m utterly snobbish about is food.

To say that I’m snobbish about food is an understatement. Don’t get it twisted: I’m not that insufferable and boorish person in a restaurant that expects champagne service when they have a beer budget. I’ll never yell at anyone if something isn’t served to my liking, and I’ll never stiff wait staff on the tip or act like I’m superior. There’s no need to behave in such a way.

However, I have gotten to a point where I don’t enjoy eating out much anymore. When I do go to eat out, there are places that I will and won’t go because I know what kind of food I’m getting there. If I do end up at a place where the food is not up to my standard, I’ll simply eat the one thing that I know I can tolerate best.

I also refuse to order French toast when I go out to eat. One day, I had the audacity to bake bread at home, and use said bread to make French toast. Well that was the end of eating French toast with any sort of bread or outside of the house. I have yet to find a restaurant around me that uses a freshly baked bread for their French toast. I’ve tried it at a couple of places, and have been utterly disappointed every time. It’s not that I think my way is so perfect; after having French toast with freshly baked bread, there’s no other acceptable way to eat it! I haven’t had French toast in over a year because I haven’t felt like baking bread, but I rest my case on that.

Though I am snobbish about most foods, French toast is one of the things I am the most particular about.

Don’t even get me STARTED on dessert.

On second thought, let’s go there.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth; therefore, when I get a dessert, it HAS to be good! I may not eat another one for a month or two simply because  I don’t have much of a tolerance for sweets. I won’t eat cookies that are baked with margarine anymore because I think margarine is disgusting! I used to eat it, but cooking school changed that. All we used was butter in school, so when I tried to eat margarine while I was in cooking school, I gagged. I haven’t touched the vile substance since! I can now taste it in cookies, and I won’t eat them.

In fact, I only recently started eating chocolate chip cookies outside of the house.

I’m also very, very particular about brownies. I became that way when I found a scratch recipe for double chocolate brownies. You wanna talk about decadence? After tasting those brownies, you will want to integrate the name “brownie” into your name somehow. If they were a man, I’d be happily married to him.

It’s so horrible of me, but whenever my sister gets brownies and makes them from the box, I won’t eat them. Not all box mix brownies are bad, but it could be that they aren’t as chocolatey or dense as the ones from the recipe I have. Whatever it is, the smell gets me, then I break off a small piece, thinking that maybe I was being ridiculous. After tasting them, I get pissed off that I put it in my mouth, and put it back.

When it comes to dessert, I refuse to waste my calories on something that is any less than fan-fricken-tastic. Why should you? If calories were money, desserts are expensive! Don’t waste good calories just for the sake of having sweets! Make it count!

*gets off the soapbox and takes a brownie with her*

I feel bad about being so snobbish when it comes to food, but I shouldn’t. There is a quote that graces the wall on most Chick-fil-a locations that says this: “Food is essential to life. Therefore, make it good.” The founder is credited with saying those words. No truer quote has been spoken.

Whether you’re eating healthy or indulging, get the best quality of food that you can afford. Never favor quantity or quality; sometimes the integrity of the food is compromised to give you the amount that you want. One thing I love about France and the French people is that they love food as much as I do. They are unapologetically persnickety when it comes to food. Even those that grow and nurture the food take great pride in what they sell or raise to be sold. I’ve visited a couple of the farms, and each has said that they have the best of whatever it is that they make or sell.

They believe in quality, and so do I. French people go to the market every day. If I had my own car and place, I would haunt farmer’s markets. Why shouldn’t you buy fresh every day? I believe in keeping the staples around, but I think buying food daily is a good thing. Ideally, I wouldn’t freeze anything but water for ice cubes, freshly baked bread, and if I couldn’t grow my own veg or herbs, I’d buy them fresh regularly. I’m all about that life.

There are some things that require an air of high maintenance thinking or snobbery. If you’re going to be snobbish about something, food is perfectly acceptable. It’s what keeps you alive and going, after all.

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