Reader’s Block

I don’t know if all writers are automatically readers, but I certainly am.

My mom is a published author, and she always liked to read. She was a reader before she was a published author, but she always loved to write. The same can be said of me.

I never actually tracked the longest amount of time I’ve gone without reading a book, but it usually goes for a few months these days. I have what I like to call “reading spells”. When I do have long amounts of time where I don’t read, I’ll suddenly have the urge to read something.

When that urge hits, I’ll go through book after book for a couple of weeks. The librarians know my name because of all the books I reserve.

After the spell goes… it gets hard for me to finish a book, even if it’s good. The last book I read called “Four Kitchens” was a very good book; however, I was on the end of a reading spell. It took nearly 9 weeks to finish! Like I said, though, it was a good book. When I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down! Once I put it down, however, I just couldn’t bring myself to pick it back up!

Terrible, I know. It has everything to do with me being “done” with reading, not the book itself.

I actually thought the book was very good; I recommend “Four Kitchens”. It’s about a young woman from New York City that was a cooking student. She interns for a year at four different kitchens in different corners of the world. I loved her story, felt the way she felt in classes and when I worked in a kitchen myself, and related to how she felt at the end of her adventure in the epilogue.

Going back to reading, no specific book jerks me out of a spell when I don’t feel like reading. Sometimes just the urge to read is enough to jerk me out of a time when I don’t want to read.


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