The Day The Brilliant Lava Cake Died

I went to a restaurant once with some friends. It was a Japanese place. Not only were the drinks great (which is most of the reason we went), but what kept me coming back was one thing on the menu that I couldn’t get enough of: their chocolate lava cake.

It was rich, it was indulgent, and it had the perfect amount of lava coming from its warm, moist center. I had made quite a few trips back just for that cake.

Time elapsed, and because I started working full time at one point, I hadn’t the time to visit again. Then, on one particular day, I decided to take myself out on a date. I do this every so often when me having time and money collide with one another. This time was one such time. Since I hadn’t been to the Japanese restaurant in a while, I thought “Why not drop by for a visit?” Mostly, I wanted to go because of this chocolate lava cake that I was craving.

So I went and ate some sushi… then got to the real reason that I went.

Man, was I disappointed!

The chocolate lava cake that I remembered had been replaced with something completely inferior in my opinion.

What I remember having was dense and rich. What I was now eating was spongier than I remember. It was more like actual cake than something deeply indulgent. Mind you, I have nothing against good cake. I love having cake for birthdays, and whenever the mood strikes me to have it. As much as I like cake, I will always be a fool for cupcakes. Something about those little delectables makes me smile. How can a girl say no?

However, when you’re expecting one thing and get another, it’s most disappointing. And irksome.

I left that “date night”, mad that I had wasted calories on that. The question running through my head was this: why? Why did it have to change? What was wrong with how it was before? I’m going to blame it on skinny people that saw the calorie count. Darn skinny people (even though most people consider me to be skinny). It was either them or the chocolate haters complaining about it being too rich. Forget them too!

The only good thing that came out of this experience is that I found a good recipe and started making chocolate lava cake myself. Now, I couldn’t imagine getting one anywhere else. I can’t live with being disappointed by this another time. Now that I make them myself, I can relive the indulgence that I remember from when I first tasted it at the restaurant. Good times.

I’m sad that it went away from the restaurant, though. I hadn’t been back since, now that I think about it. I still don’t understand why the original version had to change; to this chocoholic, it was brilliant. I’ll mourn that, but I can happily live with the fact that I can now make it myself in the way that I like it. I’ll never have to suffer the injustice of a bad chocolate lava cake again. They aren’t all created equal, folks. They just aren’t.

My birthday is coming up this Monday. Maybe I’ll make it then.

3 thoughts on “The Day The Brilliant Lava Cake Died

  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me, except instead of a Japanese restaurant, it was a bar/cafe in St. Louis that had a train running aorund it on a track near the ceiling. Not only was the train not working last time we went, but the chocolate lava cake we’d loved before was terrible. So go memories!!

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