Life is too short…

to eat bad food!

Ha! You knew I was coming out with this! Even if you didn’t, now you do.

It’s not just about bad food, really. The thought behind it is that life is too short to eat things that aren’t worth eating. If it doesn’t have real ingredients, isn’t to your standard, or you simply don’t feel like eating it, why bother?

Are you doing it to say you ate? What happened to actually enjoying food?

I like thinking about eating this way: The FDA recommends that I get in a certain amount of calories a day. If I’m only allotted so many calories a day, why would I waste those calories on stuff that is sub-standard or that I don’t feel like eating?

Now this is where I add my caveat: Just because Miss Rachel said that you should eat what you want doesn’t mean that you should go consuming buttloads of butter and sodium or fat-laden foods, then wash it all down with 1/5 of whiskey. That will catch up with you, and that’s no good. I’m merely suggesting that you be more selective. (End Caveat)

If you like sweets, eat the good stuff when you do indulge. If ice cream is your thing, don’t let me hear about you eating that non-fat stuff with artificial sweetener in it. That is NOT a treat! If you’ve been behaving, eat your fat! You know it tastes better than that other mess! Plus, if you get it at an ice cream store, the person behind the counter will thank you for not asking for that. If you do ask for it, I hope you know how to duck because they may throw the scoop at you. I had such a job and I’ve tried scooping that stuff. It’s pure evil, I tell you! EEEEVILL!!!!!

Keep it healthy, but if you don’t like salad, there are other healthy options. You’re not stuck in just eating one or two things for the sake of being healthy. There are things that one can eat that won’t kill you, yet are actually enjoyable to eat (shocking, I know!).

I’m a very moody cook/eater, so I love mixing things up. If I’m not eating something that I want to eat, sometimes I won’t eat altogether. I know that’s horribly picky of me, but it’s true. I once lost weight like that. At least I can say that I ate what I wanted, even if I’m a few pounds lighter for it.

We are always encouraged to be frugal with money, so why not do the same with calories? Spend ’em on what you think is worth it! Even if it’s 2 calories, if you don’t want to eat it, don’t bother! Find out what you really want, and go for it… within reason, of course.

Get the best ingredients that you can afford, eat well, and never say no to ice cream or bacon (unless you’re willing to take a jog around the town afterwards).

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